Perpetual Play

What Is It?

Perpetual Play™ allows you to watch massage techniques continuously loop on your TV screen while you practice. You no longer need to repeatedly use the rewind button to see how a particular technique is performed.

Perpetual Play Enhances Learning Speed

Perpetual Play™ evolved out of innovations in the classrooms at Healing Arts Institute. In 2008 we started using looping video clips in our PowerPoint* shows in the classroom. Students started learning techniques much faster when they had a continuous visual reminder of the techniques rather than just a list of the technique names.

Soon we were using the looping video clips not just in our Swedish Massage program, but in the Deep Tissue and Sports Massage classes as well. Students in these classes also learned techniques much faster.

This worked so well for learning that students were asking to buy the shows. After looking at various computer programs to show the looping video clips we found a way to present it on DVDs. This has the advantage of not requiring a computer or special software to watch the looping video clips.

Makes Learning While You Practice Easier

All you need to practice is a willing client and a portable DVD player in your massage room. You might be able to write off the cost of a portable DVD player since you would be using it for your continuing education. You might even try writing off the 52" plasma TV in your family room for the same reason, although I imagine the IRS would question that. Please talk with your tax adviser first before deducting anything.

*The slide shows in our classrooms are actually in Keynote for Macintosh, which handles video much better than PowerPoint.